5 important things to remember about Mad Max: Fury Road ahead of Furiosa's release this May

Action masterpiece Mad Max: Fury Road returns to Cineworld screens this month as part of our Action Season. Tickets are just £5 so immerse yourselves once again in the vehicular, petrol-soaked carnage of George Miller's Oscar-winning epic, which pairs Tom Hardy's grunting loner Mad Max with Charlize Theron's indomitable warrior Imperator Furiosa.

Don't forget that the Fury Road prequel movie, Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga, is released this May. Anya Taylor-Joy portrays the younger Furiosa as she's pitted against the ruthless master of ceremonies Dementus (Chris Hemsworth) amid a deadly, sun-scorched futuristic wasteland. One can expect spectacular action and revelations aplenty, again staged by the master of mayhem Miller.

In preparation for Furiosa, here are the important story details you need to remember from Mad Max: Fury Road.


1. Furiosa's connection to Immortan Joe

In Mad Max: Fury Road, Furiosa is introduced as one of warlord Immortan Joe's (Hugh Keayes-Byrne) lieutenants. She then betrays him by smuggling Joe's 'wives' aboard her war rig (more on which below) in an attempt to rescue them from a horrific life of servitude and abuse.

It's implied that in the prequel movie Furiosa, we get to see how the younger Furiosa and Joe first met and formed their uneasy alliance.


2. Furiosa's ownership of her war rig

The rusting, unstoppable hunk of gasoline-powered metal known as the war rig is one of the most important non-human characters in Mad Max: Fury Road. (We'll also throw in the unforgettable flame-throwing electric guitar for good measure.)

The war rig is what powers Furiosa to her destiny, also shielding Joe's wives from an apocalyptic onslaught as he gives chase to take them back. One imagines that during the events of Furiosa, we'll discover how the title character came upon the rig and made it her own.


3. Furiosa's desire to return to the Green Place

This is the most important thing to remember from Mad Max: Fury Road. Furiosa is attempting to deliver Joe's wives to the sacred, safe and lush environment of the Green Place where she grew up as a child. Tragically, however, the Green Place is revealed to have been obliterated by the encroaching desert, urging Furiosa toward her deadly end game with the rampaging Immortan Joe.


4. Furiosa's kinship with the Vuvalini

In the world of Mad Max: Fury Road, Vuvalini translates as 'Many Mothers'. This was the matriarchal group that presided over the Green Place, and now only a handful are left. Many of the Vuvalini are killed during Fury Road's climactic and spectacular battle sequence. In Furiosa, we'll get a glimpse of the younger Furiosa's childhood spent among these mysterious yet nurturing cult figures.


5. Furiosa's metal arm

In Mad Max: Fury Road, it's established that the older Furiosa has a bionic arm. In the trailer for Furiosa, the title character has a human arm until the final few seconds. We can therefore expect a tragic and grisly origin story to Furiosa's defining physical characteristic (no doubt we'll also discover the origins of her striking shaven head/eye shadow arrangement).


Click the link below to book your tickets for Mad Max: Fury Road. It screens on April 22nd as part of Cineworld Action Season before Furiosa's release on May 24th.