Bones and All: go behind the scenes of this month's most memorably twisted romance

Can you think of many cannibal-themed romantic road movies? That's the pitch of this week's gloriously gory Bones and All, the new psychological drama from acclaimed Call Me By Your Name director Luca Guadagnino.

Forget a woozy Italian summer set to the sounds of Sufjan Stevens. Bones and All throws together two quintessential outsiders who are united by one grisly compulsion: the desire to chow down on human flesh.

Dune's Timotheé Chalamet and Escape Room's Taylor Russell are utterly compelling as the flesh-eaters bound together through thick and thin. Oscar winner Mark Rylance, meanwhile, is utterly terrifying as eccentric loner Sully who can sense fellow 'feeders' by scent alone.

Guadagnino's film revels in keeping the audience off-balance, luring us in with the deeply felt chemistry of the two leads before hitting us with a gruesome blast of horror. Those with an appetite for unpredictable, off-kilter cinema are encouraged to watch the following featurette and then catch Bones and All at Cineworld.

The movie is on release now.