Embark on an extraordinary journey with a Cineworld Family Ticket for Strange World

Walt Disney Animation's Strange World whisks us to a remarkable and unknown portion of our solar system. Jake Gyllenhaal voices the father of an intrepid group of explorers who become stranded on a remote planet. The ensuing adventure is set to be as exciting, emotional and wondrous as one would expect from the makers of Frozen and Wreck-It Ralph.

In Strange World, family is the glue that holds the thrilling adventure together. That's why we're here to tell you all about the Cineworld Family Ticket whereby adults pay kids' prices. (Valid for groups of four people with up to two paying adults.) Our Family Ticket means you can be more childish together as you head off with the Clade family and share in their extraordinary voyage of discovery. 

With Strange World on release at Cineworld this week, it's time to check out the trailer and get a sense of the latest must-see Disney extravaganza.


Want more? We got a group of families to share their reactions to the Strange World trailer, and you can see all of the joy in the following video. The movie zooms into Cineworld on November 23.

In addition to the discount on the price of your seat, Cineworld's Family Ticket also gets you more than 30% off the price of a Family Special snack pack.

The Family Special includes two kids' Munchboxes – each containing a small box of sweet or salted popcorn, a Fruit Shoot or a bottle of water, plus a packet of Milky Way Magic Stars or raisins – along with a regular popcorn and two regular soft drinks for the adults in the group. Present your Family Ticket at the snacks counter and you can get it for the bargain price of just £13.90 (or £15.90 if you want to go large).

Looking for more fun family movie experiences in Cineworld? This week also sees the release of Roald Dahl's Matilda the Musical (released November 25). In this big-screen adaptation of Tim Minchin and Dennis Kelly's stage sensation, Alisha Weir portrays the titular brainbox who gets her own back on the ghastly grown-ups in her life.

Emma Thompson portrays the dreaded Miss Trunchbull, Lashana Lynch is the sweet-natured Miss Honey and Andrea Riseborough and Stephen Graham play the obnoxious Wormwoods. Here's the trailer that teases the cinematic debut of classic songs including 'When I Grow Up' and 'Revolting Children'.

With Cineworld's cost-saving Family Ticket, you can create memories that will last a lifetime. As part of Cineworld's commitment to family viewing, we also host Movies for Juniors and Cinebabies screenings.