Fast X: book your Cineworld tickets now

This is no time to pump the brakes – because Cineworld tickets for Fast X are now on sale. Be front of the line to catch Vin Diesel and the fam back on the big screen where they belong as they cut an increasingly apocalyptic swathe on their latest adventure.

Scroll down to discover why you need to claim your tickets right now.


1. It's a FAMILY film

Sure, it may not strictly fit the bill of what we'd class as a family movie (singing animals et al). That said, the Fast saga is increasingly all about family as a theme and said unit is spearheaded by Vin Diesel's Dominic Toretto.

The one-time carjacker turned super-spy (essentially) is once again leading his squad (sorry, family) on another international mission. They comprise many familiar faces including Michelle Rodriguez' Letty, Jordana Brewster's Mia, Ludacris' Roman, Tyrese Gibson's Tej, Sung Kang's Han (remember, he was un-killed in the previous movie), John Cena's Jakob, Jason Statham's Deckard, Nathalie Emmanuel's Ramsey and Oscar winner Helen Mirren's Queenie. Cardi B also reprises her role from Furious 9 as Leysa.

That's quite the brood. Throw in West Side Story legend (and Fast and Furious newcomer) Rita Moreno as Dom's Abuelita, plus Leo Abelo Perry as his no-longer-infant son Marcus, and you know what? This is a family film after all.


2. There's a brand-new villain in town

Jason Momoa brings the imposing charisma seen in Aquaman and Dune to bear on the new Fast & Furious antagonist. His character Dante emerges as a result of a series ret-con. It turns out he suffered a loss at the hands of Dom's crew during the events of Fast Five (2011) when they stole the Brazilian bank vault. 

Dante is the son of that film's villain Herman Reyes. Now, Dante is gunning for revenge, and he's willing to blow up the entirety of Rome to make his point. It gets super-personal when Dante challenges Dom to a street-racing stand-off that takes the series right back to its inception in 2001.

Given that Dante is tag-teaming with nefarious cyber-villain Cipher (Charlize Theron), presently incarcerated but still very dangerous, Dom's team have their work cut out for them.


3. The movie imports a significant Marvel alumnus

Step forward Captain Marvel herself, Brie Larson. She's playing Tess, the daughter of Kurt Russell's absentee character Mr. Nobody from the previous movies, and judging from the trailer, she matches both physical prowess and wits with Letty. (The latter also goes toe-to-toe with Cipher in a bruising scrap.)

Talking of Mr. Nobody, his former agency is now being headed up by Agent Aimes, played by Jack Reacher star Alan Ritchson.


4. The scope of the movie takes in some dazzling new locations

From the Spanish Steps in the Italian capital Rome to the bustling streets of London (a Fast & Furious favourite), the old-world charm of Lisbon to the multifaceted backdrop of Los Angeles, Dom's home, the new Fast & Furious movie isn't skimping on its location budget.


5. And the stunts are as reliably insane as ever

Take your pick. With Dante rolling an explosive bomb through Rome to a car screeching down the side of an exploding dam, the latest Fast & Furious epic has your adrenaline levels covered. However, incoming director Louis Letterier, a late replacement for series veteran Justin Lin, has vowed to invest the movie with more practical tangibility and less CGI.

“There are many ways of doing quarter-mile races,” director Louis Leterrier told Empire. “We’re doing a vertical quarter-mile race, which is very interesting… “We’ve landed back on Earth. What we did was go back to the original tone. You have to have stuff that feels real.”

Of course, this is 'down to Earth' in the Fast & Furious sense of the term, so you can still expect to have your socks blown off.

Are you ready to take it up a notch? Then click the link below to secure your Fast X Cineworld tickets. The movie races onto screens on May 19th.