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What is not included with my membership?

  • 3D performances - Unlimited members who hold a standard red Unlimited Card will need to pay the uplift for 3D performances. 3D uplifts are currently free for Unlimited members who have a black Premium Unlimited Card*.
  • Films in special formats and auditoriums: you’ll need to pay extra to watch films in our special formats and auditoriums such as D-Box, 4DX, IMAX, Superscreen, and ViP screenings.
  • Special seating: Box, Star, Balcony and other premium seating is not included in the Unlimited membership, although offers to upgrade to premium seats may be available from time to time. Click here for details of all current offers.
  • West End Cinemas: Cineworld Leicester Square and Cineworld Fulham Road are only included if you sign up for the Unlimited West End Card although offers for Non West End cardholders may be available from time to time. Click here for details of current offers.
  • Event cinema and other special screenings: screenings of live and recorded events and other special screenings such as private screenings or film festivals are not included, although discount offers for selected event cinema may be available from time to time.
  • 3D Glasses

Extra details:

  • All uplift payments will be payable at such rates as apply at the relevant cinema from time to time (prices available from the relevant cinema’s prices and summary web page).
  • All film screenings are subject to normal restrictions such as age certifications, and Cineworld’s Terms of Entry.
  • All seats are subject to availability and Unlimited Members have no preferential rights of access for any screenings except for any special screenings organised for Unlimited Members.
  • Access is subject to relevant Cineworld Cinemas being open.
  • A valid Unlimited Card must be shown to participate in all offers and obtain discounts.
  • Food and drink discounts may not be available in conjunction with some offers and promotions.
  • All offers and discounts (*including the current offer of free 3D uplift for Premium Unlimited card holders) may be amended or withdrawn at any time without notice.

Please see our Terms & Conditions for more details. 


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