Gran Turismo trailer fires up your latest must-see video game adaptation

When it comes to the next video game adaptation hitting the big screen, Gran Turismo holds the pole position. The bestselling PlayStation franchise, in which players tune and upgrade a succession of hot (and not-so-hot) rides before hitting the racing circuit, has sold more than 90 million units worldwide. And cinematic domination is the next thing in sight. Here's the new poster.

Rising star Archie Madekwe (Midsommar) plays devout Gran Turismo gamer Jann who then receives an unexpected offer. Jann's skills in the virtual world mean he is invited to compete in a real-life Gran Turismo race alongside a group of other competitors. Imagine The Hunger Games but with a surfeit of V-12 engines. Only one will get through, and it's a hell of a race to get there.

Schooled by David Harbour's wry, no-nonsense coach and Orlando Bloom's promoter, Jann discovers that the race track is where he comes into his own. But, of course, such skills run the constant risk of death and destruction, to the dismay of his father Steve (Djimon Hounsou). Check out the Gran Turismo trailer below.


Gran Turismo springs from the mind of District 9 and Chappie filmmaker Neil Blomkamp, clearly no stranger to putting spectacular, crunchy action onto the big screen. The eclectic supporting cast includes Geri Halliwell (yes, that one) and the camerawork is set to push all manner of technical boundaries.

According to The Hollywood Reporter: "DP Jacques Jouffret said he chose to shoot the movie with Sony’s Venice 2 cameras, using its Rialto extension system that effectively detaches the sensor from the camera body. This allowed the filmmakers to put multiple cameras in the very tight spaces inside the cars, just as the filmmakers on Top Gun: Maverick used this system to put these camera devices inside fighter jets"

Top Gun with cars? We're in. Gran Turismo races onto the screen on August 11th.