Tom Hanks: 5 times he was utterly awesome

With the world currently in the grip of a viral pandemic, we're frantically grasping for good news. The reality of the situation recently hit home when word got out that Hollywood star Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson had contracted coronavirus while filming in Australia.

The two had been Down Under filming Baz Luhrmann's planned Elvis Presley biopic, Elvis, starring Austin Butler (Once Upon A Time In Hollywood) as the titular music icon. Hanks is portraying Presley's controversial and controlling manager, Colonel Tom Parker.

In a series of heartfelt Instagram messages that were pure Hanks, the veteran star shared the story of the couple's contraction, and subsequent recovery from, the virus. Trust Tom to put a classy spin on such a difficult scenario.

Tom Hanks shares Coronavirus story on Instagram

Tom Hanks shares Coronavirus story on Instagram

So, there's a bit of good news in these dark times. And in other Hanks-related updates, he next stars in rousing World War II drama Greyhound, currently scheduled for release in June. Check out the first trailer below.

But Hanks is one of those Hollywood good guys who doesn't necessarily need a big screen to demonstrate how awesome he is. Here are five examples to lift your spirits in these gloomy times.

1. Tom and the voice of the Woody doll

Hanks is a regular on the Graham Norton couch, and is always an absolute delight. The time when he revealed who really voices the Woody dolls from Toy Story was one of the best. And he subsequently regaled Graham, his fellow guests (including Simon Pegg) and the audience with a hilarious story about the difficulties of voicing an animated character.

2. Tom crashes a New York wedding

The most important day in the lives of this Manhattan couple got even better when Hanks unexpectedly arrived on the scene. He was jogging in Central Park and unwittingly strayed into the middle of a marriage ceremony, posing for a photo in the process.

3. Tom performs 'Chopsticks' with Sandra Bullock

One of Hanks' most iconic scenes is the interactive piano moment from 1988 classic Big. He plays a 13-year-old kid who wishes himself into an adult body, and this moment where he taps into that childhood wonderment is utterly magical. It occurs in a department store, and also awakens a sense of youthful exuberance in the toy developer character played by Robert Loggia.

Years later, Hanks reprised the scene on The Jonathan Ross Show, with fellow Tinseltown alumnus Sandra Bullock (another actor renowned for her sense of humour) joining in the fun. Why couldn't we join in as well??

4. Tom poses with a 'drunk' fan

In a clear sign of Hanks' affable demeanour and good humour, he wasn't offended when a fan pretended to pass out on him in the midst of taking photos. Other Hollywood stars, take note: this is how you interact with people who like you.

Tom Hanks poses with drunk fan

5. Tom pairs with Dwayne Johnson

What's better than Hanks solo? Hanks pairing with the legend formerly known as The Rock, of course. While hosting Saturday Night Live, Dwayne Johnson called Hanks onto the stage to reinforce how their innate popularity was one of the few things the public could agree on. Yep, we'd concur with that.

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