Dwayne Johnson returning as Hobbs in new solo Fast and Furious movie

As Fast X eats up the miles and the box office dollars, a message has arrived from a certain Dwayne Johnson. The actor confirms that he will be back as Luke Hobbs in a brand new Fast & Furious movie. However, according to Johnson's Twitter message, it won't be part of the legacy franchise, nor a follow-up to 2019's Hobbs & Shaw in which he was paired with Jason Statham's Deckard Shaw.

Instead, the brawny Hobbs will be going it alone in a new instalment that will bridge the gap between Fast X and next year's Fast 11 (or Fast XI, if we're continuing the Roman numeral theme). Here's what Johnson had to say.


Naturally, this update comes hot on the heels of...




.... the Fast X post-credits scene in which Hobbs returned to the franchise. We see that Hobbs is drawn into a trap by the nefarious villain Dante (Jason Momoa), setting up an epic showdown to come.

It truly appears that Johnson and main franchise star Vin Diesel have squashed the infamous on-set beef that alienated the former from appearing in Fast and Furious 9, released in 2021.

Are you celebrating Johnson's imminent return to the franchise? Has this news made you want to watch Fast X again? You know what to do – click the link below.