Uncharted: first trailer reveals Tom Holland as Nathan Drake

The name's Drake... Nathan Drake. PlayStation's answer to James Bond and 007 is realised in the flesh in the first-ever Uncharted movie, with Tom Holland in the lead role.

When he's not hooking webs and fighting diabolical Marvel villains, Holland can be found playing the rogueish Drake, a cocktail waiter and part-time adventurer who pairs with the taciturn Sully (Mark Wahlberg). 

Their mission: to travel along the Strait of Magellan and locate a horde of gold said to be worth billions. The film is clearly being faithful to the historical aspect of the Naughty Dog gaming franchise that has sold billions of units around the world. Spicing things up is the presence of contemporary superstar Holland who gets to indulge in plenty of acrobatics, including a mid-air leap across cargo containers suspended from a plane, which calls to mind some of the game's most fiendishly gripping set-pieces.

Wahlberg carries his usual quizzical expression, there's at least one head-scratching vocal exchange ("Sully doesn't have any friends. I know, I'm one of them"), and things are decidedly personal as Drake carries on in search of his lost brother, who undertook his own pursuit of Magellan's gold. Plus, you have Antonio Banderas dialling up the smarm as the baddie and teases of enough mysterious tombs to make Lara Croft blush.

Uncharted comes from Zombieland and Venom filmmaker Ruben Fleischer, and is set for release on 11th February 2022.