Uncharted: watch a new clip from the Tom Holland video game movie

Tom Holland is Nathan Drake in this newly released clip from the Uncharted movie. The blockbusting PlayStation series is adapted for the big screen for the first time, bringing us the origin story of daredevil adventurer Nathan.

Mark Wahlberg plays Nathan's mentor Sully in this all-action movie from Venom director Ruben Fleischer. With the exception of Sonic and the recent Jumanji films, films based on, or around, video games haven't always been that brilliant, to put it mildly. Can Uncharted capture the verve and suspenseful excitement of its original source material?

The following extract may give us an indication as Nathan gets into a scrape aboard a cargo plane. The physics-defying mayhem certainly evokes many of the breakneck escapes that featured in the Uncharted games – fingers crossed there's more to come in the finished film.


Uncharted is released in Cineworld cinemas on 11th February.