Uncharted: new images released from Tom Holland movie

Uncharted is one of several Tom Holland movies arriving in 2021. (The others, if you needed reminding, are Chaos Walking, Cherry and Spider-Man 3.) Now, Sony has released some new images teasing the globe-trotting adventure of Holland's character Nathan Drake. 

As per the hugely successful Naughty Dog videogame franchise, Drake is a fearless explorer, and dedicates himself to the discovery of ancient treasures. The pics in question appear to point towards this Indiana Jones-esque atmosphere, with a golden cross serving as some kind of key. There's also an ancient-looking map that's marked, intriguingly, in the north-east of Africa, where we'd normally find the Red Sea dividing the continent from the Arabian peninsula. Is this a covert clue as to where the story will take place?


The Uncharted franchise has shifted millions of gaming units since making its debut in 2007. The combination of a charismatic, cocksure lead character, immersive action sequences and exotic locations has proved irresistible to gamers the world over. The pressure's now on for the film to replicate these same giddy thrills, although we're surely in safe hands with the ever-likeable Holland in the lead role. Backing him up is Transformers' Mark Wahlberg as Drake's mentor, Victor Sullivan.

The Uncharted movie has seen many delays on its journey towards the big screen. Many A-list actors and notable directors have bailed on the project, but principal photography has now been completed under the auspices of Venom's Ruben Fleischer. We got our first look at Holland in-character last October, and we're anticipating the first trailer in the not-too-distant future.

Uncharted is set to reach us on 16th July 2021 (conditional on the global situation. of course). Excited? Let us know @Cineworld.