Uncharted: new trailer stars Tom Holland, Mark Wahlberg and a moustache

Spider-Man: No Way Home star Tom Holland is on the search for lost treasure in the Uncharted movie. This big-screen adaptation of the hit Naughty Dog gaming franchise pairs Holland's young Nathan Drake with Mark Wahlberg's Sully for a perilous, globe-trotting quest.

PlayStation icon Nathan is here reimagined as a younger man, one yet to develop his Indiana Jones-style acumen for sniffing out ancient ruins and discoveries. Rest assured, Holland's penchant for physical acting has him swinging on light fixtures and more besides, while Wahlberg does the quizzical eyebrow-raising thing.

The two characters are on the search for a legendary golden cross, for which Drake's long-lost brother was also searching. They have to contend with a villainous Antonio Banderas along the way, although the greatest mystery is this. Why does the largely moustacheless Wahlberg suddenly pop up sporting face fungus at the end? Are there two Wahlbergs in the movie, or is this a sequence that's been revealed from the end of the film?

Either way, it's indicative of Sully's classic look from the games, and the action set-pieces, helmed by Venom's Ruben Fleischer, appear to fulfill the gravity-defying remit that fans expect. Uncharted is scheduled for release on 11th February 2022.